Month: December 2016

Christmas Market

Winter has officially started and we are right in the thick of it now. The Toronto Christmas Market at least makes a little something to look forward too. Luckily we found time to go on a weekday because they charge on weekends now. We left the little pup at home for this one, but I […]

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First Snow!

Winston got to experience his first full blown snow fall today here in the city! It’s been snowing the entire day and sticking. Winston loves to bounce around in the snow, not to mention eating most of it. He also loves running real fast and sliding in powder, well he may not actually love it […]

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Elora Gorge

Way back in August we went to the Elora Gorge with some friends. We hiked around a bunch with the little guy and tried to get him accustomed to getting in the water. He didn’t like the water too much, but loved running up and down the terrain. I can’t wait to bring Winston on […]

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