Not All Days Are Good Ones

BDRS4270Its not always fun & games with this dude. Today Winston had more energy than we could handle. He does get on our last nerve sometimes with doing stuff we know that he knows he shouldn’t be doing (that wasn’t confusing right…). We understand though, being a pup is tough, you get separated from your family to form a new one, all your teeth are developing so they hurt, you don’t really know to walk properly (never mind run & walk up stairs), and you can’t understand why everyone wants to touch/pat/hug you. It’s arguably a tough life, but we get you Winston and we will never give up on you.

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One thought on “Not All Days Are Good Ones

  1. The terrible twos! They hit it fast. Patience and consistency. Normal for pups…..just like having kids…lol
    Love to you all

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