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Not All Days Are Good Ones

Its not always fun & games with this dude. Today Winston had more energy than we could handle. He does get on our last nerve sometimes with doing stuff we know that he knows he shouldn’t be doing (that wasn’t confusing right…). We understand though, being a pup is tough, you get separated from your […]

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First Swims!

He may or may not have fallen in to the pool twice. Don’t worry, Taryn was right there to catch him. We brought him in so he could hang out but from the look on his face, you can tell he wasn’t as excited about it as we were. On the plus side, Winston is […]

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New Friends!

We took Winston on his very first doggy play date the other day. Thoby, a Frenchie who belongs to our good friends, met us at a local park here in Toronto. Winston was a little bit sceptical at first and got caught many times in the way of Toby’s many laps. However, after a bit […]

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