Cottage Life

Going to the cottage is definitely a nice break from the city. It was also Winston’s first time up. We are lucky he just goes into sleep mode while in any mode of transportation- I’m not sure you can really teach that to a dog.
This being Winston’s first time up we wanted to let him explore, but also worried about him running off. We had faith in the little guy though and started small, showed him his boundaries to each section of the property. After letting him roam free a couple hours we realized he couldn’t be bothered to stray too far from the pack. He wanted to be around us.
Needless to say, I think he grew as a dog out there being in the wild.

The most important thing if you have a dog small to large, is to not forget about their needs. They want to run, they want to go and do just as much as you do. Just because you have a small dog doesn’t mean it’s meant to be kept in your condo and not play with other dogs. If you have a big dog don’t neglect to socialize just because they are difficult.



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